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July 1st, 2005

notpiecebypiece @ 02:26 pm: In a time of ancient gods, warlords, and kings,
The land of Bloomington cried out for a hero.
They were Sarah and Rebekah,
Whose actual fighting skills totaled up to… zero.

These are their stories.

When moving into 34B, Rebekah and Sarah discovered
The anarchist sub-leasers of had left a mess,
Including a Buddha, a clogged bath tub,
And voodoo candles, for purposes Sarah could only guess.

Sarah and Rebekah began on quite normal terms,
Occasionally watching Law & Order SVU and speaking of riot grrrl zines.
This quickly turned into laying around the apartment in pajamas
Watching Disney movies, eating cookies, and acting out dramatic Xena scenes.

Eventually they developed
phrases such as “for real now, who threw that ham”,
a smooth pick-up move for the ladies that Rebekah could never exactly master,
and planned to crucify Rebekah’s little stuffed lambs.

They discussed hot professors and feminism in Xena,
They played Grand Theft Auto and drank a lot of red wine.
They learned valuable lessons from Free Willy,
And managed without a vacuum just fine.

But just like Xena and Gabrielle,
Their time together came to an end.
…But not for redemption purposes, and no shady business with transferring “the fountain of life"
Forever they shall be friends.
…But not in the “Xena and Gabrielle are friends” way

June 27th, 2005

sumsmeup @ 11:29 am: An Ode to 34-B
Oh apartment 34-B,
how I miss you so,
more fun than that t'was had in you
the world will never know.

I miss the quirky battles that
Nintendo did provide
and how I always kicked some ass
while Rebekah cried.

I miss the Xena marathons.
I miss the drinking game.
I miss the neighbors across the hall
who thought we were insane.

I miss the chicken that was made
and burned and burned again.
I miss the bad erotica
so gloriously read.

I miss the random parties
that were often had in thee.
And though I dared to protest much
I might miss AMC.

I miss the random midnight drives
our songs that we would blast.
My heart is hurting beyond words,
this ache will always last.

And the eternal question
never answered, often asked.
Why would you take a picture
of your halitosis cat?

I miss the lessons learned
from all that Xena- oh so wise.
And season five/six Gabrielle
- Now that'sa verrrrry niiiiiiiiice.

Destiny, it must have been,
God's will in thin disguise,
that the number of our home
should match our shared bra size.

No greater fun the world shall know!
Apartment, you're the best!
All the fun we had in thee
like C&X*, it's better than sex.

* cake and Xena

March 22nd, 2005

uthinkofaname @ 03:30 am: Yeah for 34B!

January 17th, 2005

notpiecebypiece @ 02:36 pm: Is this community dying?

I am posting to keep it alive, a livejournal "CPR" of sorts

Apartment 34B has witnessed the following in the last few days:

-a glorious trophy made by Liz
-Spice Girls tutorials
-Ginger poop
-hundreds of wrong numbers
-an anti-climatic Bullwinkles outing
-"I have never ever" drinking games in which TMI is disclosed
-Rebekah hysterically laughing for hours on end about Sarah's gay-ness in her high school senior pictures
-lots of chauferring
-a feminist reclaiming of the middle school Notebook
-a possible dinner trip to Ryan's.

Please comment if I am leaving anything out.

December 2nd, 2004

notpiecebypiece @ 12:50 am: if this game existed, I would have an orgasm every time I played it.

Xena + Super Mario Brothers

I spent too much time on Paint and here are the results.

October 26th, 2004

sarahisbeat @ 11:27 am: So you should investigate the user info of this community, because I added an interest that I was shocked and appalled (sp?) to find not already present.

Current Mood: mischievousmischievous

October 12th, 2004

notpiecebypiece @ 12:02 am: I can't believe we named our livejournal community after someone with such stinky shit.

A song:
(to the tune of the Beverly Hillbillies Theme song)

Listen to a story about cake and Xena
Have them together and you'll know what I mean-ah
"Let them at cake" said Marie Antionette
Cake and Xena is better than sex!

(Sarah gets writing credit, not me)

September 22nd, 2004

notpiecebypiece @ 09:09 pm: gayer

sarahisbeat @ 02:17 pm: My icon is gayer than your icon.

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